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writes, records & plays his personal brand of indiepop.

RT @marcozanetton: Blog about getting to meet the great @davedoughman, brain behind @secretlycndian's Swearing At Motorists. http://t.co/Mh…
Blog about getting to meet the great @davedoughman, brain behind @secretlycndian's Swearing At Motorists. bit.ly/1e4ytlG
RT @kumailn: Standing in the airport bathroom loudly grading penises. Weirdly the A's are just as annoyed as the C's.
RT @rickygervais: Ignorance is bliss, but only for the ignorant. For the rest of us it's a right pain in the arse.
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RT @AndyRichter: Here's a screen grab from my colonoscopy. Weird. pic.twitter.com/uaB1HlDPXJ
RT @AndyRichter: Part of me thinks you should wear whatever you want. Another part thinks this guy wearing a kilt to an Italian restaurant …
RT @WIRED: Take high-def, 3-D images of your innards with this new mini camera wrd.cm/1kR0mTq pic.twitter.com/C3dWN7xdbO
RT @ecodenker: Radical UN Report Promotes Democratic Control of Food and an End to Corporate Domination | Common Dreams https://t.co/jNfWOm…
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A propos de Marco

On his personal anthem ‘I’m A Bird’ debuting indie country folk pop singer songwriter Marco Z spits out words about growing up in a modest Western European town. Against a background of perfect times fading he deals with disappointments and celebrates the wide array of possibilities the modern world offers him.
Marco Z's debut album is now available on Spotify and iTunes wordlwide and in belgium and holland through retail.
"musically i admire anyone that can combine a good melody, structure and a killer line"
marco z


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